Red-D-Arc Weld Automation Cutting Services: sales service integration
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Red-D-Arc Weld Automation (formerly PlasmaCraft) is a service based company that specializes in sales, repair, service and integration of CNC plasma and Oxy Fuel cutting equipment. With 20 plus years experience in the service and repair of plasma cutting equipment and CNC software controllers we are one of the few companies that have been utilized by all of the top OEMs in the industry for warranty repair.

We are full distributors of Koike Aronson Cutting and welding equipment, Hypertherm Plasmas, Hypertherm Automation Controls, ITT-CMC Burny Controls, ITT-Kaliburn Plasmas, Thermal Dynamics Plasmas, C&G Systems Cutting machines, ProMotion Controls, MTC Software, SigmaNest Software, Retro Systems Cutting equipment along with many other suppliers to the plate cutting industry. Our staff of highly trained technicians receives ongoing annual training to keep up to date on all of the new technologies; so that you can rest assured that when you call Red-D-Arc Weld Automation you will receive the best and most professional service available.